Surgical Extraction Instrument Use Essentials for Veterinary Dentistry

The Dentistry Training You Didn’t Get in Veterinary School

These online veterinary CE in dentistry courses for veterinarians and technicians can be viewed anytime as many times as you like.


Instrument technique is critical with efficient and correctly executed surgical extractions in dogs and cats. Dr. Beckman’s techniques allow the quickest simplest approach to decrease time and maximize results in your veterinary dentistry cases.

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Questioning bur selection and placement?

Tearing flaps?

Taking a long time to luxate and elevate teeth?

Dr. Beckman uses HD video demonstrations to solve all of these problems and more in the Surgical Extraction Instrument Use Essentials for Veterinary Dentistry

Instructor: Brett Beckman, DVM, Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College



“Dr. Beckman and Annie Mills were wonderfulI! I learned more practical knowledge from him on the extraction lab in Charlotte than I previously had ever experienced. I especially thought the tips on technique regarding use of the instruments was invaluable. I hope to participate in additional seminars in the near future.”

Dr. Bill Cooper

St. Francis Hospital for Animals
Charlotte, North Carolina

“Dr. Beckman, thank you so much for an amazing weekend and your kind words. This was a “practice changer” CE course!! I am so energized to get back to work and try these new techniques. Thanks again for offering such an amazing class! I graduated in 1995 and would have loved to have been taught the proper way to extract teeth. I wish every vet student could benefit from your experience!!”

Wendy Simpson

DVM Morrisville Cat Hospital

“I owe you a HUGE debt and gratitude to where my dentistry passion and skills are today!! While I was excited to learn better ways to perform dentistry, learning from you in the Academy gave me the strong foundation to build upon and master so much more than I ever thought possible!
THANK YOU again for everything! You are amazing at what you do and have such a beautiful and kind, as well as, practical and effective teaching style! While it has a long way to go, Veterinary Dentistry is undoubtedly so much better and continues to grow every day because of you and your phenomenal team!”

Jodi Reed

Stittsville Harmony Animal Hospital
Apex, North Carolina

“I had attended 2 different wetlabs with different veterinary dentists. They were very informative and certainly got me started on the road to becoming more comfortable and proficient at extractions. However, Dr. Beckmann’s teaching style and excellent visuals improved my skill level and confidence exponentially. With confidence and increased efficiency, my time has procedure time decreased significantly.
I used to dread doing dentistry, thanks to the tools Dr. Beckman has provided, I now enjoy it!
Thank you Dr. Beckman!!”

Julia Gilkerson

Atlantic Cat Hospital
Halifax, Nova Scotia

RACE Accredited Veterinary Continuing Education

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