I am going to give you a specific action step that you can start on this week that will help you tremendously with the efficiency of your dentistry service. Once that is accomplished you can move onto other areas one challenge at a time to transform the entire approach to the patient.

This will create a much less frustrating and stressful service allowing you to flow through each case minimizing anesthesia time and dramatically improving patient care.

But first let's mention those other dental deficiency disorders that are areas that we can improve on as well.

Working in the dentistry service and knowing what challenges you face, I would Imagine you can probably guess what there 4 other dental deficiency disorders are:

  1. Chronic Radiographic Fatigue Syndrome
  2. Idiopathic Full Mouth Radiographic Positionitis
  3. Chronic Step-by-Step Deficiency Virus
  4. Acute Onset Dental Chartitis

Here is the first thing that you can do immediately with immune mediated surgical extractosis which is the toughest area to improve upon because it takes practical experience and takes a lot of dedication a lot of time.

The one thing you can do right away in your dentistry service is to learn a better way to do your deciduous extractions of the canine teeth in the puppies. That is a common thing that you do in general practice.

Many of the techniques that are used there are the techniques that can be used on all simple extractions including incisors and sectioned two rooted teeth that we are not doing surgical flaps on.

The video you watched using the periotome and the concave and convex luxator/elevators demonstrated those techniques. Apply those and as you move through your extraction journey you will build on the skills that you will develop for use in more involved surgical extractions

I think you can see where that action step can take you to a place that will make you much more efficient in your dentistry service.

The next step that you need to take beyond that simple step is to progress towards surgical extractions which is the majority of what you do for your patients in general practice once you recognize all the disease with full mouth radiographs.

The best way to do that is now Virtual!

We have always done the 2 day weekend live Wet Labs to teach surgical extractions in the dog and the cat in the cities around the country. We have now taken that and we have made it HYBRID , so that some people attend live and others attend Virtually. So without leaving the comfort of your practice, travelling by plane or car, incurring hotel and rental car l fees, you can now do the entire weekend with us. Dr Jodi Reed and I streamed live from the live course. Our virtual instructors that you will meet on the link below will be helping you with extractions live virtually from your practice.

And your technician/s can be there to help you and learn how to help you so that you learn together as a team, all at no additional registration fee for your techs.

To Accomplish That Here is the Complete Cure.


Two Day Canine and Feline Veterinary
Dentistry VIRTUAL Wet Lab

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I challenge you to learn this course as a veterinarian and technician team and implement everything in that course in the next couple of months. If you do, you will reap the benefits for your entire careers and change the lives of the patients you treat for oral disease.

Now, go out and make it a great day!!