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The analgesic triad: Managing patient pain from
oral disease

Veterinarians / October 15, 2019
Veterinary patients with chronic oral disease requiring oral surgery benefit tremendously from what ...

Recurrent oral hemorrhage in a cat – an unusual etiology

Veterinarians /
Oral hemorrhage is an uncommon clinical finding when it occurs spontaneously without a history of tr...

Management of a locally aggressive mandibular
mass in a dog

Veterinarians / October 11, 2019
Benign and malignant oral masses are commonly encountered in the oral cavities of dogs and cats. ...

Managing stage III and IV periodontal disease

Procedures /
Correct management of periodontal patients in veterinary practice demands a thorough understanding o...

Surgical approach to root tip retrieval (Proceedings)

Procedures / October 10, 2019
Extractions in dogs and cats are categorized as simple and surgical. Simple extractions are performe...

A case approach to canine dental radiograph
interpretation (Proceedings)

Procedures / October 9, 2019
Radiographic evaluation has fast become a common facet of veterinary dentistry and only practices th...

Regional analgesia for oral surgery in dogs and cats

Procedures /
This author commonly uses lidocaine and bupivicaine combined in the same syringe for regional oral n...

Practical small animal periodontology (Proceedings)

Procedures /
The largest portion of our dentistry case load in everyday practice involves the treatment of period...

Managing stage I and II periodontal disease (Proceedings)

Procedures /
Prevention and treatment of periodontal disease can only be accomplished through regular professiona...

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