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Veterinary Dental Center of Atlanta

Pet Parents / September 20, 2021
As Veterinary Dental Practitioners, dentistry is all that we do including cleaning, extractions, and...

Bucket’s Story
A Dental Documentary

Pet Parents / May 21, 2021

Dentistry at Harmony Animal Hospital

Pet Parents / July 23, 2020
Dr. Jodi Reed is an Veterinary Dental Practitioner at Harmony Animal Hospital in Apex, NC...

Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment

Pet Parents /
Dr Jodi is also a long standing member of Dr. Beckman’s Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind...


Pet Parents /
Dr Jodi is the first veterinarian to be and she is Dr. Beckman’s co-instructor for all...

10 Questions to Ask your Veterinarian
Before Your Pet’s Dental Procedure

Pet Parents /
Veterinary dentistry, in the general practice, has varying levels of “standard of care” for our cani...

My Pet Needs a Teeth Cleaning

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This article will hopefully educate the reader and dispel some common myths related to teeth cleanin...

Dental radiography: Small improvements to technique can
make a big difference

Veterinarians / October 21, 2019
Veterinary dental radio-graphy traditionally has been one of the most frustrating aspects of veterin...

Increasing client compliance for veterinary dentistry

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Forty percent of people learn best by hearing the information presented to them. Many of us rely on ...

Pain management in oral surgery (Proceedings)

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The utilization of regional nerve blocks for oral surgery in dogs and cats is synonymous with qualit...

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